• Whale with little vertical
  • Whale tail immersion
  • Dolphin out of water
  • Whale shark feeds
  • Pink frog
  • Whale shark with pilot fish
  • Pink frog
  • Foolfish
  • Turtle in depth
  • Nudibranch
  • Crab on anemone

Nosy Be Island

Nosy Be is a beautiful tropical island of volcanic origin, located 8 km from the coast of Madagascar, in the Mozambique Channel. It is surrounded by numerous islands and archipelagos and beautiful. Nosy Be is the place, in Madagascar, where the wild and unspoiled nature...

The seabeds of Nosy Be

Diving at Nosy Be are extremely varied: shallows, walls, sandy plateau, wrecks ... there is something for all tastes, plus, in addition to being diverse the seabed, diving completely changes according to...

A diving in total comfort

Love Bubble Social Diving offers you the best: a boat comfortable, safe, and fast, nitrox "for free", and experienced instructors, the largest range of dive spots and a beautiful home with free wi-fi...

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